Sticktoria School Holiday Program

Nature Circular Maker Sessions


They’re knobbly, crooked, smooth, short, long, skinny or wide. And they’re an unnoticed, overlooked, and, frankly, under-appreciated gift of wonder from nature herself. The humble stick can be found on random footpaths, in the backyard, in parks and gardens, deep in the bush and way out in the sticks. This September school holidays, we welcome you to STICKTORIA. A wondrous place at the Purpose Precinct located in the heart of Queen Victoria Market on Wurundjeri Country, where hundreds of sticks from across Victoria will converge to pose a very specific challenge: how can you give me a new life? 

Sticktoria faq

School Holiday Program Information

Meet your Workshop Hosts

Join Will Barrell-Scott, kidpreneur and owner of social enterprise Wilful Kindness, together with his merry stack of Sticklers - a group of artists, makers and sticksmiths - to reimagine a world where sticks reign supreme. Join us at the Purpose Precinct to craft and construct using sticks as inspiration, combining upcycled materials to create a range of different objects d’stick that have nature and circularity in their very fibre. Think weaving looms, bee houses, puzzles, zines, dog toys… we’ve got more ideas than you can poke a stick at!


Please wear your garden or craft day clothes - you're going to get messy while crafting up a storm.

If you're heading out & about after the program is complete then please consider bringing a change of clothes.

There are activities for Creatures of every age:

  • Creature features – make quirky & colourful creatures – like woodland animals or
  • stick insects. Or maybe you’d prefer to make a celebrity stick like Stick Cave,
  • Sticktoria Beckham or Queen Sticktoria.
  • Twig Tournaments – make and play stick games and puzzles
  • Papercrafts –make a book or publish your own creature zine
  • Machines – make some wonky cars and inventions
  • Arts and crafts – decorate, draw, weave and craft sticks.

Who is this event suitable for?

Suitable for: kids and adults of all ages: 3+. Parents are encouraged to get stuck in alongside their children (parent attendance essential for all children under 16 years). You can also come and take a sticky beak from Tue Sep 19 as we start to craft the house that sticks built.

Accessibility Information

Getting here:

The Purpose Precinct is located in the F-Sheds of the Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne

It is accessible via tram and is close to two wheelchair accessible tram stops.

Plan your journey using PTV Journey planner for the best route.


The Sticktoria event invites people of all walks of life to find the stick of their dreams. Our wonderful workshop hosts have prepared materials and activities available for participants who experience sensory overload - if you or your child is prone to sensory overload then we recommend bringing headphones as the market environment can get a bit noisy.

Many of our hosts are trained in mental health first aid & work in spaces where inclusion and accessibility are paramount. Please don't be shy to ask should you need any support to make this program work for you.