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Clothing the Gaps Tread Lightly Socks

Clothing the Gaps Tread Lightly Socks

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Pull on your Tread Lightly socks and walk with purpose as a reminder of your commitment to Tread Lightly when your feet connect with Aboriginal land. 

These socks have been made with Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation on Wurundjeri Country so that your footprint is leaving a smaller footprint.

We acknowledge the impact of fast fashion on the environment, so let's pick pieces with purpose and commit to 'Tread Lightly' on Aboriginal land.  Aboriginal people have always nurtured and protected Country and as Traditional Custodians, have deep connections to lands and waterways.
To 'Tread Lightly' is a way of being in the world that honours Traditional Custodians and the collective responsibility to sustain Country for future generations. To 'Tread Lightly' is more than a commitment to ticking the simple eco-friendly boxes, it's also actively supporting for climate justice and supporting the shift to a more sustainable future.

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