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Dollars & Sense Book

Dollars & Sense Book

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Dollars & Sense is a ground-breaking book that recognises, champions and celebrates the social enterprise in Australia.

Focusing on the people who benefit from the work of social enterprises and highlighting innovative commercial models of impact investment, Dollars & Sense is a blueprint for a smarter way to do business.

What are social enterprises?

Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people with access to employment and skills development, or help the environment.

It is estimated there are around 20,000 social enterprises operating across all industry sectors in Australia. In Victoria alone, approximately 5,000 social enterprises employ around 75,000 people.

Yet the development of social enterprise in Australia lags behind other parts of the world and it is recognised that there needs to be greater awareness of the benefits. Dollars & Sense aims to raise that awareness.

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